Sandra Smith has been creating things since her early childhood. The women in her immediate family taught her to do a variety of hand work; she refined those skills and by the time she was a teenager, she was winning awards for various needle arts.

She experimented with different art forms and media, studying sculpting and pottery during college years. Her more serious work with jewelry began after she inherited both fine and costume jewelry from her grandmother in the 1980s. Several beautiful old necklaces needed to be restored, so the quest for knowledge about making jewelry began. At the time there were no bead shops, classes, or widely available access to information or materials.

She was on her own to learn about repair and construction, find proper tools and learn how to use them. She studied the history of beads, which led to the discovery of The Center for Bead Research and Recursos de Santa Fe. These connections eventually opened doors to workshops led by highly respected teachers and craftsmen where she learned the fundamentals of jewelry making. A new career was waiting when she retired from her career as a Registered Dietitian in 2003.

Now Sandra’s award winning jewelry can be found in collections around the world.